RetractableBugScreen™ disappears fully, lets the open in! Keep bugs out and keep your clear views!


RetractableBugScreen™ offers the perfect way to remove the netting between you and your views!

RetractableBugScreen™ screens are affordable and easy to install. In just minutes you can enjoy beautiful views as well as protection from mosquitoes and crawling bugs. The easy open screen allows quick access to the outdoors, saving precious time in an emergency.  We've helped homes across Europe bring the outdoors in for over 40 years. Discover the benefits for yourself with our retractable bug screens for windows and doors!

RetractableBugScreen™ has six sizes that adjust to fit various widths and heights of windows. Various sizes can fit windows as narrow as 15 inches wide to as wide as 73 inches, and windows as low as 8 inches in height to as high as 67 inches in height.

  • Active, anti-mold, antibacterial insect screen protects your family!

  • Non-toxic SUNOX "4Everclean Screen"



A frontal installation is required when there is not enough space within the window jamb to accommodate the retractable insect screen header, or when for other reasons a frontal installation is preferred.

FEATURES OF RetractableBugScreen™

RetractableBugScreen™ is a retractable insect screen and frame kit for WINDOWS or Doors that provides BugFreeBreezes™ and disappears when NOT used.   

Unlike conventional fixed screens it will NOT get in the way of your views or give you a caged in feeling during times window is closed and screen is not needed. (Air-conditioned periods, winter, etc.).  

Our product is unique as it is the only insect screen with a patented ANTI-Bacterial, ANTI-Mold mesh which makes screen virtually self-cleaning.

RetractableBugScreen™ is an effective protection against the entry of insects - mosquitoes, flies, bugs, bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, crawling insects, etc.   

RetractableBugScreen™ is available as a VERTICALLY retractable screen as well as in a Horizontally retractable screen format. 

Besides offering Best in Class insect protection, RetractableBugScreen™ also provides fresh airflow, reduced energy costs; daylight control, open feeling, healthier indoor environments, greater safety,  outdoor accessibility for humans/pets and easier window cleaning; don't need to remove them to clean windows.  Our insect screens offer significant added value as their features include:


  • RETRACTABLE - Provides FULL window views.

  • PROTECTION from insects, mosquitos, crawling & flying bugs.  Bug tight fiberglass mesh keeps tiny insects out.  Premium brush weatherstripping acts as additional bug barrier for crawling insects and reduces drafts.

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-MOLD, self-cleaning screen. Patented NON-TOXIC SUNOX mesh actively repels bacteria, viruses and mold.

  • EASY to CLEAN & Maintain - Sunlight's interaction with nanotechnology breaks down bacteria makes mesh virtually self-cleaning.   See video to learn more by clicking here https://youtu.be/0YM19N5zOFY

  • CLEAR VIEWS - When screen IS used, EZ see through mesh allows clear view.

  • OPEN FEELING -  When screen is NOT in use enjoy OPEN views and OPEN feeling rooms.  NO celled mesh NO caged in view like that provided by conventional fixed insect screens.

  • DO-IT-YOURSELF Kit - EASILY installs in minutes. Step by step instructions and 10 minute install video have been user tested for easy install.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v0fAe30kJQ

  • EASY to Install - No drill required- One Tool Install

  • 2 cuts (hand or electric saw) and Install.

  • ADJUSTABLE - One size kit adjusts to various window sizes.  Choose from six adjustable size ranges.

  • MOUNTING OPTIONS - Screens can be mounted externally, internally, within the window jamb or on walls adjacent to window (frontal mounting).

  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with almost any window type. Compatible with most custom or standard windows.

  • AFFORDABLE - costs 60% LESS than a comparable professionally installed product.

  • UPDATES- Easy to clean stylish frame updates entire window making it seem NEW. Fits any decor.  Highly rated for appearance.   

  • SAFETY - Child Safety compliant Mesh is designed to flexibly give upon accidental impact reducing injury and screen breakage   Retractability allows windows to serve as emergency exits on first floor.

  • SAFE RETRACTION - Retraction speed reduction mechanism provides slow safe performance of screen retraction.

  • NON-TOXIC- Only NON-TOXIC materials used in product manufacturing.

  • NATURAL COOLING - saves on energy costs

  • DAYLIGHT CONTROL - Retractable screen allows light to enter room when retracted, provides shade when not retracted.

  • DURABLE -  High Quality Materials, UV/Fade Resistant. Premium Aluminum powder coated corrosion and impact resistant frame. Significantly LESS THAN 1% return/defect rate.  Highly rated for durability and functionality.

  • Weather resistant design inclines product to flexibly respond to impacts of severe weather rather than ripping and tearing like conventional fixed screens.  

  • MOUNTING OPTIONS - Screens can be installed on interior of window jamb either in front of or behind window. Optional Kit available to install screen on exterior of window frame/frontally on window frame.

  • Screen opens with simple push down of handles and closes by single pull.

  • Includes all installation hardware and user tested step by step instructions.

  • Full 2 year Warranty and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • MADE IN ITALY - Beautiful Design and High Quality of Made in Italy products.





Please enter the inner dimensions of your window frame.

Type numbers or use the up/down keys for 1/16" changes (some browsers).
Green backgrounds indicate measurements fall on 1/16".   Red backgrounds indicate measurements do not, or errors.

All pricing using this estimation tool is subject to human review and may change.

Vertical Window Screen Sizes

Size    Width               Height              Depth    Price    
  A7    23" (15"-23")   x   52" (12"-52")   x   1.8"     $104.99US
  A8    31" (23"-31")   x   67" (12"-67")   x   1.8"     $105.55US
  A9    39" (23"-39")   x   67" (12"-67")   x   1.8"     $109.99US
 A10    47" (28"-47")   x   67" (12"-67")   x   1.8"     $119.99US
 A11    55" (28"-55")   x   67" (12"-67")   x   1.8"     $125.99US
 A12    73" (32"-73")   x   67" (12"-67")   x   1.8"     $179.99US

Note: Parentheses indicate ranges to which a given screen can be cut.


Here are our stock colors for RetractableBugScreen™ screens. Other colors are available on request, as custom orders.


Click the screen of interest, in order to open a new page for ordering the given RetractableBugScreen™ screen.

When done, simply switch back to this page. You can close the other page or leave it available to you. Your cart will still collect your items for checkout.

A frontal installation is required when there is not enough space within the window jamb to accommodate the retractable insect screen header, or when for other reasons a frontal installation is preferred. The Screen Calculator above can help you with this decision.


Watch how you can install a RetractableBugScreen™ in 10 minutes!

RetractableBugScreen™ is easy to install with only 2 cuts! 

The only tools needed are a hacksaw and a drill.

You can also use our Installation Instruction Guide.  Installation instructions are beginner-user tested, in order to ensure all details to support a successful installation have been included.  Installation instructions are included for both the beginner Do-It-Yourselfer and the more experienced handyman (quick-start guide).


Our "SUNOX 4EverCleanScreen" patented treatment resists mildew/mold is antibacterial and antiviral.  This treatment is completely NON-TOXIC to you, your children, family and pets. Learn more about it by clicking below. Watch how our ACTIVE anti-mold, antibacterial, insect screen protects your family!

Click here to download PDF information on how the patented SUNOX treatment on RetractableBugScreen™ screens transforms mold and bacteria on your screens into harmless substances.