Freight Forwarders


Q: What is a freight forwarder?
A: Freight forwarders organize the safe and efficient movement of goods on behalf of another person, handling shipment, taxes, customs and duties (often across borders).

Q: Do I need a freight forwarder?
A: If you need to ship goods to another location, most often overseas or to another country, then the services of a freight forwarder are very helpful in expediting the shipment.

The following list has been compiled for customer convenience, though Retractable Bug Screen is not associated with these companies, and does not endorse them. These are only contact numbers. You must select a freight forwarder, who will then give you a ship-to address once arrangements have been made. Note: you usually need the weight of the shipment for pricing and rates.

Online directory of freight forwarders:

Canadian Yellow Pages for Freight Forwarding:

Shipping to Canada

Freight Xperts
Phone: 888.806.3202
Fax: 888.709.2088

TRI-NET Canada
Phone: 800.781.0940
Fax: 416.865.9666

ROE Logistics Inc.
Phone: 888.SHIP.ROE (888.744.7763)
Fax: 514.396.3335

Cargo International Logistics Inc.,
Phone: 888.253.3458
Fax: 888.253.9155

Other International Shipping Contacts

DHL Danza: To Hawaii
Phone: 800.234.2778

PFI Logistics:  To Guatemala
Address: 8461 NW 74th St. Miami, FL33166
Phone: 305.716.2842
Fax: 305.716.2841

VI Cargo: To St. Croix Only – Not St. Thomas
Address: 9999 NW 89th Ave. #18 Medley, FL33178
Phone: 305.863.0081
Fax: 305.863.0060

Shipments to Europe will be handled by our European office:

Industria Reggiana Schermatura, S.p.A.
Via Vettigano, 20/A 42012 Campagnola Emilia,
(RE) Telephone: 011 -39 0522 652968
Fax: 011- 39 0522 652780

Please call our U.S. office for us to coordinate that shipment for you. Tel:407-450-5134 Email: Customer