Our company was founded in 1979 and is the world pioneer in RETRACTABLE insect screens for windows and doors. 40 years later we are still leading the industry with innovations. The patented anti-mold, anti-bacterial, self-cleaning screen on our Retractable insect screens is UNIQUE in the industry.  We are the only company in the world with this patented innovative screen on our products.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Reggio Province, Italy

Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Reggio Province, Italy

U.S. Office:
256 Fairway Pointe Circle,
Orlando, FL 32828
Telephone: 407-982-4744

Italian Manufacturing Facility:
I.R.S. S.p.A. Via Vettigano,
20/A 42012 Campagnola Emilia,
(RE) Telephone: 011 -39 0522 652968   
Fax: 011- 39 0522 652780


For over 40 years our company has been about providing our clients the: BEST MADE, BEST VALUE, RETRACTABLE insect screen in the world.

Beyond being well made we have gone the extra mile to make sure every part, component and element in our products is NON-TOXIC.

We are committed to CLIENT SATISFACTION!


We back our commitment to client satisfaction with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all our products and personal, excellent customer service.


Our clients have been satisfied for decades with our product quality and value.   Across the world we have satisfied customers and applications of our product still running smoothly after decades.

We are particularly proud of the quality and safety we have offered our customers through time.

Our return rate on the product is significantly LESS than 1%, certified by world renowned leading certification institute; DNV, GL. *

* For more detail on DNV - GL click http://www.dnvba.com/us/Pages/default.aspx



Our company is the Leader in the Retractable mosquito screen industry.  The RETRACTABLE insect screen for Windows is a product our company PIONEERED.
Our expertise and our over 40 years of experience adjusting to consumer needs and product issues in the Retractable Mosquito Screen sector has allowed us to hone our product to produce the most innovative and best made RETRACTABLE mosquito screen in the market. 


Patented leading edge innovations like our SUNOX (Registered Mark) SELF CLEANING (ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI- MOLD, ANTI-VIRUS, ANTI-ODOR)  insect screen and our NO CUT / Adjustable RETRACTABLE insect screens are features that NO other manufacturer in the world has.   We offer the quality and durability of a professionally installed product in a Do-It Yourself product that INSTALLS in MINUTES!


QUALITY and SAFETY has been at the core of all our products through the years. In our 40 year history we have had no Product Liability claims made against our Product Liability insurance.


Our company is compliant with or exceed ISO 9001 standards. 

ISO 9001 is an international standard that sets requirements for an organization's quality management system (QMS).   

ISO 9001 certification substantiates that our company can CONSISTENTLY provide goods that comply with applicable regulations and meet high standards, as well as discerning customer's needs and expectations.

ISO 9001 certification means our company is compliant in a wide variety of areas including:  top management commitment to quality, product design, quality planning,  customer focus, employee competence, process management, purchasing, processes to resolve customer complaints, corrective / preventive actions, continual improvement of the QMS and it includes a requirement for our company to monitor customer perceptions about the quality of the products it provides.
 For more detail on ISO 9001 click:  http://www.iso.org/iso/pub100304.pdf    


Our founder Nardo Bonini was the first to develop retractable insect protection systems, now replicated worldwide.

In 1979 Nardo Bonini incorporated Industria Reggiana Schermature (Screen Industry of Reggio), the Italian manufacturer of RetractableBugScreen™ “RBS” screens. It is still a family run company.   Nardo's two son's Simone and Emiliano run the manufacturing company and continue to take great pride in carrying forward their father's legacy of providing quality innovative industry leading products to his customers at value prices.

Industria Reggiana Schermature (Screen Industry of Reggio) manufactures RBS screens in Campagnola Emilia, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

RBS screens are distributed from its Orlando, Florida, USA location.

Our first facility was based in a small municipality in northern Italy renowned for its engineering, design and craftsmanship.   There Nardo Bonini designed and manufactured the first adjustable insect screen installation kit and pioneered D.I.Y. retractable insect screen kits.

Nardo worked diligently to design and build products that would offer consumers: quality insect protection, convenience of retractability of the screen which would allow greater window access and let more light in a product that was easy to install and which would provide real savings in both costs and time.

This revolutionized the window screen industry, allowing anyone to assemble and fit insect screens directly to the doors and windows of their own homes using just a few simple tools.

The business is now in its second generation, run by Nardo Bonini's sons; Simone and Emiliano, and has become a Società per Azioni (public limited company); the headquarters have moved to Campagnola Emilia. The company is now ISO 9001 Quality System Certified and produces what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive range of insect screens on the market.

Now as then, every insect screen manufactured undergoes an exacting design, selection, testing and quality control procedure before it leaves the factory.

Our product lines include Do-It-Yourself retractable insect screen installation kits for windows and doors, roll up insect screens, extendable insect screens, insect screen roils, adhesive insect screens, curtain insect screens, strip insect screens. Our screens are available in a variety of colors: ivory, white, brown, black, gray, green, bronze, metal, or engineered fabric.

Our company is a leader in its niche industry and is here to stay. Providing you with the latest innovations, ideas, advice, information and solutions for protecting yourself from insects in all environments; home, bungalows, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, greenhouses, sheds, camping, garden, outdoor entertainment, gazebos, balconies, etc.

Over the years, the company has introduced new models, taken out international patents and added further production facilities in order to maximize its service to customers and meet the ever increasing demand for adaptable insect screen installation kits.

Today, we can state with quiet confidence - and great satisfaction - that consumers across Europe REQUEST our product.  Most D-I-Y or hardware stores in Europe carry at least one of our insect screen product lines.