For Skylights or Sunlights-Retractable Insect Screen

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For Skylights or Sunlights-Retractable Insect Screen


Our Retractable Insect Screen is custom made to your skylight or sunlight specification and sold with frontal installation optional kit to allow easy installation to the sunlight adjacent wall or within the window jamb. Let the sunlight in without letting in flying insects and bugs.

The insect screen is made of premium tight mesh insect screen and the frame of high quality aluminum with a durable finish. 

This model has the insect screen only.  

This RetractableBugScreen, custom made to order for your specific skylight or sunlight dimensions is wholly manufactured of premium materials in Italy and air shipped to you directly from the manufacturer in Italy to your address.

The price includes all shipping and handling.

To custom order the product please call us at 1-407-982-4744 to provide us with your exact skylight dimensions. A live representative will ensure you are getting the right size for your window. After providing us with your dimensions. You will then receive an email from us confirming the custom size you are ordering. Before or after receiving our confirmation email. please pay for the unit on our website on this page or at this link

you will receive a return email from us confirming the size of the custom retractable skylight or sunlight insect screen you have ordered.

You will receive the item 10-14 days after you order it on this our website.

We also sell a Combi-model which has both an insect screen and a shade screen.


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