Functional Sample of Retractable Insect Screen

Functional Sample of Retractable Insect Screen


Try out the RetractableBugScreen TM product buy ordering the Functional Sample of the RetractableBugScreen.   The sample consists of a mini window mock up about 19 inches by 19 inches and about 3 inches wide.  Inside this mini window a mini RetractableBugScreen is installed.  You can raise and lower, open and retract the insect screen and get a sense of how well the product functions.  Additionally, you can see, touch and feel the high quality of the RetractableBugScreen header's aluminum frame and of the high quality of the insect screen netting.

The sample is free, the US$40.00 charge is to cover the cost of sending the sample to you within the United States via UPS.

The sample is useful for contractors, designers and homebuilders to demonstrate the RetractableBugScreen's functionality and high quality materials to clients.

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View this url to see a video of the sample and it's functionality.


If you want to verify how the retractable insect screen works or what the quality of the product material is, we will be happy to ship you a free sample.   The sample is a small window mockup with the RetractableBugScreen installed within it.  Once you receive the sample you will be able to open and close the retractable insect screen inside the mini window and get a hands on feel of how well the product works, what the product quality is of both the screen and the header.   The sample is free to you, the US$15.00 price is merely to cost the price of shipping to you within the continguous U.S. states.