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Excellent product. Arrived in perfect condition. Well packaged. Shipping effected in the times indicated. I recommend the product because it has a good quality to value ratio.
— Leonardo Bartoli, Amazon.com Italy
Very fast shipping as always. Product excellently manufactured. East to adapt to all doors. I am very satisfied, can tranquilly recommend.
— Cristiano Campolucci, Amazon.com Italy
Valid do it yourself alternative to pricey retractable price screens custom installed by craftsmen. Price is fair relative to high quality of product. Easy to install, solid construction (all in aluminum)

Is installed in 20 minutes, sawing at the desired height with a simple hacksaw. (less than 6 dollars in hardware store.)

Only needs 4 drill holes to install the fastening hardware to wall. I was very satisfied and will soon buy another.
— filippo, Amazon.com Italy
Product is simple to install (only one detail of installation is tricky; the cutting of the height of the mosquito screen frame side needs to be careful, mistakes result in a teeny millimeter or so (@16th of an inch) of space between window sill and mosquito screen frame.

Product seems to perform and be resistant. Price is fair value for quality.
- Francesco, Amazon.com Italy

Manufacturer’s Response: Our 2016 product line, includes a version of product that includes adaptable leg extenders at bottom to offset any possible measurement errors made in do it yourself installation.
Retractable insect screen arrived exactly as ordered !!! No problem vendor. Merchandise arrived punctually and can say it was good quality.

I installed the retractable mosquito screen alone and can say it was very easy, especially from the 2nd one and after !!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
— Giosavan “Angelo” (Terni, Italy), Amazon.com Italy
Efficient, ecologic, easy to install, clear instructions in attached installation pamphlet. Allows you to have insect free environment without the use of chemical products.
— DANILO, Amazon.com Italy
Product perfectly as described, arrived early.

Justly one must cut to measurement needed, but perfect in every aspect. There is also a website that shows you how to install insect screen.

All seems easy but is not difficult. ahahahaha.

In any case Thank you. The price is also good.
— gaspare, Amazon.com, Italy